Expected Products:

  •  1. Guidelines for Data Collection for Monitoring and Evaluating CBVCT for HIV in the COBATEST network
  •  2. Report on the description of determinants for HIV test seeking behaviour and sexual risk behaviour among MSM in Europe
  •  3. Optimal linkage to care among MSM: A practical guide for CBVCTs and Points of Care
  •  4. Toolkit on the implementation of CBVCT services for MSM (Checkpoints)
  •  5. Guide of best practices to improve earlier testing and care among migrant populations in Europe
  •  6. Recommendations for the implementation of innovative HIV testing strategies among different populations
  •  7. Implementation Manual for an integrated strategy for HIV Testing using CBVCT, outreach and web based techniques
  •  8. Web based application to deliver test results and provide counselling in different languages.