The project is organised in work packages:

Horizontal WP:

  •  1. Coordination of the project (Coordinated by CEEISCAT, Spain)
  •  2. Dissemination of the project (Coordinated by CEEISCAT, Spain)
  •  3. Evaluation of the project (Coordinated by AIDS Fondet, Denmark)

Core WP:

  •  4. Standardised data collection and analysis from a European network of CBVCT services for monitoring and evaluation (Coordinated by the National Institute of Public Health, Slovenia)
  •  5. Follow up and longitudinal analysis of clients attending MSM Checkpoints (Coordinated by CEEISCAT, Spain)
  •  6. Data collection and pilot study on Point of Care and linkage to health services for HIV/STI in MSM Checkpoints (Coordinated by AIDS Fondet, Denmark).
  •  7. Development of a Toolkit for implementation and evaluation of MSM Checkpoints (Coordinated by AIDS-Hilfe, Germany)
  •  8. Rapid assessment on access to HIV testing and care for migrant populations in Europe (Coordinated by Association AIDES, France)
  •  9. KAP/B survey and pilot intervention on innovative strategies and interventions (Coordinated by The Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium (ITM), Belgium)